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Location of the company. Map of the region

Production Firm INZENSKY WOODWORKING PLANT, LLC has its basic location in Ulyanovsk region of the Russian Federation.

Ulyanovsk region lies just at the heart of the Middle Povolzhye along the both banks of the Volga River, in the central part of the European Russia. Significant air-, railway-, water- and road communications are passing through the Region.

The production complex of the Production Firm INZENSKY WOODWORKING PLANT, LLC is located in Inza town of Inzensky district of Ulyanovsk city.

Inzensky district lies in the west of Ulyanovsk region, it borders with Bazarnosyzgansky, Veshkaimsky, Karsounsky rural districts and, also, with the Republic Of Mordovia and Penza region. Inza is the administrative centre of the district. It is located 3 km to the east from Inza river. The town is a large railway station with routes to Syzran (180 km) and Ulyanovsk (160 km). Inzensky Woodworking Plant is the oldest and the largest enterprise in its district.

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