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History of the enterprise

The history of the enterprise originates from 1905 when I. Butlerov, a timber merchant, founded a small timber sawing plant near Inza station of Karsunskiy uezd, Simbirsk provinze (now Ulyanovsk region). The production of the enterprise has been demanded at all times.

During the First World War sawmill plant worked for the defense, marking military deliveries.

1920—1930 saw a prapid growth of production at the woodworking plant. Such growth was connected with the development of Inza as a large railway junction and an industrial centre. As this time the plant was the basic supplier of saw-timber for the construction of traveling facilities of the area, industrial and civil constructions of the station Inza. During the Great Patriotic War the enterprise manufactured military products: cases for missiles and cartridges. After the war the plant commenced production of prefabricated houses, and some years later it took up furniture manufacture as its main specialization.

In the 1960s there was organized production of plywood and furniture panels of veneer sheet, and in the 1970s- production of the frame constructions for soft furniture as well as parts for chairs.

1992, which was critical for our country, was also the year of crucial reforms that took place at the plant. The enterprise set up the limited liability partnership Inzensky Woodworking Plant, which in 1998 turned into limited liability company Inzensky Woodworking Plant («Inzensky Derevoobrabatyvaushchiy Zavod»). In the 1990s a large-scale reconstruction was performed at the plant. There were introduced new departments and an efficient marketing service; the product quality reached the European level. The though over, weighed economic policy of the enterprise let not only keep the level of the production and selling during the transitive period for the country, but also deduce the production to the world market.

Now Inzensky Woodworking Plant is among the leaders of woodworking industry of Russia.